Unlimited International Calls for only 1!


Using this service is very simple! You simply have to call a 1 per call premium rate number that will enable your phone line to make unlimited international calls via a UK landline number for an entire day!. This is ideal if you have a phone package that allows you to make unlimited calls to UK landlines for free or for a low fixed cost. To see which international destinations are covered by this service, please check our list here.

To use the service, simply follow these two steps.

  1. Call the activation number 0911 400 0800 for only 1 fixed price. The price is fixed from any UK landline, but can vary on mobiles. Once connected the prompt will allow you to either activate the line you are calling from, or enter a different line to activate. This can be useful if you wish to activate a mobile phone. Many mobile phone providers either bar our activation line or overcharge it. In this instance you can activate the mobile by calling the activation number from a landline.
  2. Simply call the access number 0151 909 0800 and once connected, dial the international number you wish to call. You can make as many calls as you like via this UK landline for the rest of the day. The day will end at Midnight.