1. How much do calls cost?
  1. The rate table shows the price per minute or per call for calling the access number for letting you call the destination you have chosen. This is the only cost in using the service. The international call is then made at no further charge, as the revenue we get from calls to our access numbers is used to run the system.

  1. The price list shows rates to call a countries, but how much do I pay for calling the system?
  1. You will not pay anything more for calling our system. The rates advertised are the rates you pay for calling our access numbers. You will not pay anything more. You simply call one of our access numbers and pay the cost as advertised for as long as you are connected.

  1. Can the service be used with a phone line from a cable company like Telewest or NTL?
  1. You can use our service from any landline in the UK. Unlike some services that only work with BT lines, our service works with all lines. You can even use our service from mobiles.

  1. Are the prices the same at all times?
  1. The price for calling any destination is always the same on our main price list. There are no peak or off-peak times.

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